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I became a therapist after many years as a professional actress/comedienne. Both endeavors are inspired by a love of people and each have created a space for healing. 


My master’s degree includes a concentration in Drama Therapy, marrying storytelling and a curiosity in how we each might better understand our narratives so as to become empowered in shifting our experience in the world. 

I find that our stories connect us to one another, supporting the notion that sharing them is not just fun or entertaining, but in fact vital to our survival and well-being. They can highlight truth and goodness, and also address and subsequently be in service to changing what might not be working. 

I spent time at San Quentin State Prison, performing in and facilitating Shakespeare plays with incarcerated men. Additionally, I have worked in both addiction and eating disorder treatment, coming to a clearer understanding that these behaviors manifest as symptoms to underlying wounds. These are populations I have a particular passion for working with.


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Through creative mindfulness and in learning about the neurobiology of the brain, I have come to witness how building new neural pathways can shift our experience in the world. I see shame play a key role in the perpetuation of human suffering, causing depression, anxiety, and any number of other mental health issues. By addressing it and understanding where it comes from, clients can find freedom from their suffering. This is something I wish for all people.


In looking at my own behaviors with humility and curiosity, I am active in my healing journey, an ongoing evolution. It is important to me that I continue to show up to the work of being antiracist and LGBTQIA+ affirming, advocating for the necessary exploration of systemic influences on an individual's experience. It is never a responsibility of my clients to teach me, though I continue to be gifted with learning from every person I have the honor of working with. I believe that every person-every story-is so incredibly unique and important.

Outside of my work, I might be found singing and tinkering around on my guitar or piano, hiking a nearby mountain, traveling somewhere new, or planning a dinner party with friends and family. Favorite current roles include: aunt, gardener, and seamstress.


"Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own."



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