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Image by Andrew Neel

"Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. "



I am grateful for the opportunity to join with others in this brave and important work. I believe each person is their own healer and holds every sacred answer inside. Sometimes these answers get buried in the pain of an untold story. It is my hope to help externalize those experiences with clients, an honor I do not take lightly.


As evolved creatures, we all experience wounding. We manage grief and loss, fear and confusion, success and failure, among any number of other humanities. And we all endure trauma (an emotional response to a distressing or disturbing experience), some greater than others and some to unimaginable, unspeakable degrees. I believe that we navigate our experiences and somehow survive them through an innate and neurobiological sense of creativity. So too do I believe that honoring and validating, thus healing our wounds-both individually and collectively-is also through a creative process.


I pull from a number of modalities, always working from a client-centered place. I utilize Humanistic techniques (Gestalt and Jungian), skill-based therapies (CBT and DBT), Attachment Theories, and any number of Expressive Arts therapies. Additionally, I encourage Existential and Transpersonal exploration and believe in Solution-Focused work. I highly encourage EMDR therapy for anyone experiencing patterns of suffering that they feel are linked to unresolved trauma.


I utilize creative mindfulness in my work, exploring through imagination and curiosity. I sometimes use humor, as I find comedy to be a vehicle for truth and laughter to be medicine. I believe our bodies hold our entire stories, so I often incorporate somatic, or body related interventions. As a relational therapist, I am an active part of the sessions-witnessing, facilitating, and offering insights, reflections, and validation as clients work to express their truth.

I encourage the exploration of how systems of power influence each of our individual experiences. I believe that identifying and validating intersectionality and oppression play a vital role in healing. I am an LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapist.


All of this said, I work in a personally tailored way with each client. Through present-time awareness, tools and methods that best serve the goals of therapy for each person are jointly determined. It is my initial and ultimate goal to build a relationship that is rooted in trust and kindness, one where the client feels safe to share their most vulnerable stories. Once rapport is built, I tend to be direct so as to support opportunities for growth.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me to see if we might be a match!

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